These 5 Apps Will Help Take Your Shopify Store to the Next Level.

My e-commerce business has been running on Shopify for a good few years now. It’s a fantastic platform, but it doesn’t do everything we need straight out of the box.

Here are five services that are worth every penny if you want to streamline your operation, free up your time, or provide a better service to your customers.

None of the links I provide here are affiliate links. I have no connection to these companies whatsoever, apart from being a satisfied customer, of course. Prices are correct at the time of writing this and are meant as an indication only.

Without further ado, here is the list (in no particular order).

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What To-Do?

Apple User? You Already Have (Almost) Everything You Need.

To-do apps are plentiful. Given that there are so many around, why has it been so difficult to find one that meets my needs?

After years spent trying most of them, I’m finally beginning to figure it out. For the first time, I now have software and a system in place that allows me to stay organised and on top of my priorities. Better still, it costs me almost nothing.

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This app changed how I work.

Every so often, a piece of software comes along that is so helpful it changes how I do my digital work. This doesn’t happen regularly, and this makes ‘Drafts’ remarkable.

Ideas come first for most of us. We think of something, and then we immediately think about the best way to capture it. The best way to capture it depends on what we plan to do with it, and so the options are many.

We immediately find ourselves in a situation where several decisions need making before we can get any further. Which detracts from the important thing, that idea you had a moment ago.

This is where Drafts comes in.

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You can’t impose discipline on your future self.

But you can achieve your goals today. Here’s how.

Are you one of those people who always comes up with new ideas about how to improve their life, but then struggles to put those ideas into action?

It’s easy to feel like you’re never quite getting started on the most important things. Worse still, with each abandoned attempt, you start to feel like a failure.

By learning how to be clear about your goals, you can adopt a more realistic plan for getting to where you want to be.

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Where Did That Quote Go?

Storing notes, links, quotes, and other bits of information shouldn’t be so difficult.

You must have experienced this. Some stuff seems to fit in one place, but not another, and so you end up saving things everywhere. Like a squirrel burying nuts for the winter, you’re busy but disorganised. You can never find anything. Or there are twenty places that it could be. So you spend too much of your precious time trying to remember where you put it.

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According to Kevin Kelly, You Only Need 1000 True Fans To Be a Success.

It’s true, but don’t miss the real point of this incredible piece of business advice.

I first read Kevin Kelly’s now-famous blog post a few years ago, and it was nothing short of a revelation. It has influenced how I approach building my business as nothing else has before or since. It is a guiding light and one of the first places I head to when I’m confused or losing my way.

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Finally, an App That Will Help You Capture Everything.

Trying to find the right productivity apps to use gets a lot easier if you give up the illusion that there is something out there that will do everything you want it to do perfectly.

Apps that are outstanding in some ways will almost always have issues that bug you. The trick is to see if you can live with the limitations and incorporate those killer features into your workflow.

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